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The main purpose of this blog is to keep a journal about my adventures for me, to have something to remember and to share these stories with my friends and loved ones at home as well as with the friends I make while traveling. But whoever is interested in my ramblings about traveling the world by bicycle or other means is welcome to have a look, follow the blog, ask questions and so on.

I won’t try too hard to write perfect English texts and rather just write down my thoughts in a prose like fashion and since I’m not a native English speaker you might find some of ze German mistakes you all love so much. But let me assure you that those will most likely be intentional and purely for your amusement.

And for my German friends who might wonder how the name ‘itchy wheels’ came to be; it’s a pun on ‘getting itchy feet’ (Jucken in den Füßen bekommen) which is an English expression for Fernweh and of course the wheels from my bicycle.

the authors

The site was set up by me (Philipp) and most of the posts will probably be written by me too, but I won’t be always traveling alone, so I want to enable others to write their own posts or co-author posts together with me. Here I will write a short introduction of myself and give the other authors the chance to do the same.


after climbing Mt. Tsurugi pass.

Philipp (Japan 2011)

I’m a  32 years old computer science student from Germany. I was born in Erlangen, Bavaria – well, Frankonia to be precise – not far from every beer lovers paradise (the area with the highest brewery density in the world). But now I’m biding my time in Paderborn, south-east North Rhine-Westphalia, where I study while persevering on inferior brewery fluids.

I’m always interested in trying new things, so my passion for traveling the world comes naturally. Currently I’m most interested in Asia for it’s diversity and unfamiliarity and Europe because even though it’s so close and accessible to me, I have only seen a small portion of it so far. What fascinates me the most about foreign countries are the people, the landscapes and the food. I will do the occasional visit to the main attractions/tourist traps, but getting lost in some remote valley or an evening spent with the locals will almost always rank higher for me.

When traveling I prefer the rough approach. Preferably going by bike and camping or staying at homey hostels or private hosts as opposed to going to booking all inclusive vacations at sterile hotels. I have also learned that it often pays not to plan too much or to be open to scrapping your plans in favour of spontaneous opportunities you can and will encounter everywhere, if you just keep your eyes open a bit.


a blurry shot of jonas - credit to martin

blurryjonas 2012

…a friend of Philipp

…rather nervous about writing stuff that other people read

…30 years young

…almost student

…will probably write some more posts here however i will leave most of the writing to Philipp.

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  1. Martin

    Viel Spaß euch zwei! Passt gut auf euch auf und ich wünsche euch jede Menge tolle Erlebnisse!

    Liebe Grüße aus St. Andrews,