We got to test our rain gear on our first day of riding, since there was a light drizzle – with occasional medium drizzle – for the whole day. After some strenuous navigating we managed to leave Paris behind and after some more riding we came to a camp site where we put up our tents in the rain. Later we managed to find the probably only supermarket in France that doesn’t sell wine bottle openers.
When we woke up the next day it was still raining. We packed our wet tents and put on our wet bicycle pants. But for Jonas the journey already ends here. He had to take the train back to Germany because of something that couldn’t be fixed in France.
So there I was, alone again, riding to Orleans and the rain was getting stronger and stronger. My rain gear proved to be a complete failure, so 100km later, when I arrived in Orleans I am soaked and shivering. I find out that the camp site is closed – for ever. Lucky me! I set up camp under the roof of what has once been the reception. Free, dry camp spots are the best. I was in plain sight of the path that leads along the Loire, but I didn’t care anymore and neither did any of the cyclists and runners that frequent the path.

The next day the rain had stopped. The sun even came out. But there was still a strong head wind slowing me down considerably. At times the “La Loire à Vélo” cycle path seemed in danger of disappearing but it was fine for most of the day. The first few camp sites I tried to find with my GPS where either nonexistent or closed for the winter (one closed just 1 day before) so I had to ride longer as I wanted. I finally arrived at a nice camp site near Blois, where I am now. I managed to do some laundry yesterday and I decided to stay a second night, to get some rest for my legs and to wait for the weather to get a bit more stable.
Tomorrow I’ll be riding again. Westwards, along the Loire. Let’s see how soon I can get to the Atlantic coast.

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