Hello, excitement and gadgets!

Hey! So… I’m the guy who will undertake the epic journey through France with Philipp. The preparations are in their final stages as the days count down towards our deadline: the night train to paris avec deux vĂ©los and the whole gear that is required.

a blurry shot of jonas - credit to martin

a blurry shot of jonas – credit to martin

Personally I start to feel pretty nervous about everything especially because of the following situation: At the time I am cycling through France a lot of things regarding my future career have to be sorted out by my loved ones back in Germany. Things you would normally want to organize yourself. However, I am preparing everything and hope for the best.

But here is a fun topic: Things you buy that make you feel like a real professional outdoor survival specialist navi seal. Philipp and me went through a little shopping spree to get all the things we still needed. I had to give a jacket back which really should be waterproof but wasn’t. Gladly the guys at Mammut didn’t make a big deal about my complaint and gave me the whole original price back for a jacket I purchased over 3 years ago. Cheers to them. I instantly grabbed me a new one to get ready for early autumn in france.

the new hardshell

Along with this i decided to grab me a new knife, as Philipp told me he survived his whole Japan trip without one i was rather skeptical… perhaps it’s because they only sell semi-digested looking food in tubes there. So much for the prejudices.

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