Planning France 2013

My gaze turned yearningly to the small patch of sky, seen through the only window in my room. Only a few days now, I keep reminding myself, until Jonas and I will embark on our epic journey that may take us well beyond the stale horizons of… ¬†well, we are going to bike tour through France, for about four weeks, pretty soon.

The route is sufficiently planned (take train to Paris, cycle west till we hit the sea, follow coast south, improvise, panic, get home somehow), the last updates to the gear are made (I ordered titanium sporks today) and the blog is up and running (hah, I wish). In all seriousness though, the necessary preparations are done and the rest will be done on the fly.

Train tickets are bought and the hostel in Paris is booked. In the evening of the 10.09. we will take the train to Augsburg, where we will board the City Night Line train. We will arrive in Paris in the morning of the next day.

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